Tempo vivace

viola music

I decided a few years ago to learn the violin. December 2008 And here I am almost 6 years later, still playing, still taking lessons. One of the reasons I wanted to learn to play was so that I could play with other people easier (it’s hard to drag a piano around). Imagine my thrill when, a few weeks ago, my violin teacher said he might have found a string quartet for me to play in. With a catch. They need viola not violin.

If it was easy, everyone would do it. The trick with viola is that music is written in a different clef. Everyone who starts on piano, guitar, singing, whatever, learns treble clef and most progress to bass clef. Viola is written in alto (C) clef. It takes a big brain adjustment to start reading music in a different clef. You can see a sample in the photo. That piece of music (Bach) starts on the D above middle C, tempo vivace!

It was not until after I agreed to try viola, that I found out that violists are the butt of all jokes in the orchestra. I can handle it, I have a big one.


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