Weather Report and notes to myself

This has been the coldest winter that anyone can remember. It was so cold one night, the roof timbers in the house were contracting with loud cracking sounds. Over 70″ of snow too.


With it being so cold this winter, I found I didn’t have enough wool socks, etc. So far this winter I have made 2 pairs of socks, 2 sets of leg warmers, 3 sets of wrist warmers, 1 hat, and I’m not done yet. Here is a bit of what’s been on the needles in Detroit:



Notes to myself: the wrist warmers are knit in the round with sock-weight yarn on size 2 or 3 needles. Cast on 40 stitches, K1P1 until desired lenght. I finished them off with crochet at both ends.

The leg warmers are knit in the round on larger needles, like size 8, with a double strand of yarn. I like contrasting or complementary colors. The legwarmers I made were with thicker yarn, worsted weight, for at least one of the strands. Cast on 44 stitches and K1P1 until the desired length. These I didn’t finish with a crochet edge.


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