Au revoir et bon jour!!

Detroit was home to the longest running state fair in the United States. The state fair grounds are located just a few blocks from my house. When the boys were little, we always walked to the fair and trudged home at night, exhausted. But alas, a series of economic downturns in the last 10 years left all government budgets pared to the bone. The Michigan State Fair was a casualty. So the grounds sat empty for several years, many plans have been (and continue to be–it’s a large parcel) floated for land use. One that got a lot of attention was for auto racing. Why not, in Motown? I’ll tell you why not. It’s extremely noisy for what is otherwise a stable, quiet residential area. Thankfully, that idea went bye-bye.

The northern-most section of land is now developed. It is a new strip mall with a great big, beautiful Meijer store. Meijer is a big box store with a local touch, being headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, a city also known for its beer. Until now, the closest Meijer stores were miles away. Now there’s one less than a mile, a 5 minute drive. I can walk, as long as I don’t plan to buy much.

I give Meijer a lot of credit, too, for keeping a local touch. The most local touch is State Fair Pale Ale, brewed in Detroit by Atwater Brewery, sold only at this store. You can read this as irony, but I prefer to think of it as a tribute to what was. So, in my meandering way, here is a drink review of this beer.

It’s a pale ale: dry, bitter, and hoppy. If you like a soft, undemanding beer, this is not for you. The first taste was overwhelmingly bitter, but it has opened up in the glass and in my mouth. The bitterness is still there, but it’s balanced by a slight sweetness. I could drink this while wandering through the fair looking at blue ribbon chickens.

IMG_20130808_201627_909 (2)


  1. Josh

    Reblogged this on Sipology and commented:
    In lieu of a whiskey review this Friday night, I offer up to you a review of a Michigan micro-brew sold only at my local Meijer store. Cheers!

  2. Josh, that’s sad about the state fair. I used to love going to the Ohio state fair when I was a kid. At least your boys will have the memories.

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