Food for Thought from Barcelona

Here are some photos of some yummy from Barcelona. I was particularly taken with the hams hanging around town.

A tapas bar being set up:

The aforesaid hams:
Barcelona 2 and 3 030
Barcelona 2 and 3 065

Barcelona 2 and 3 033

what’s left after the ham is taken:
Barcelona 2 and 3 031

There’s also seafood:
Barcelona 2 and 3 032

All that remains is to eat it, washed down with a little sangria:
Barcelona 2 113
Barcelona 2 112



  1. Josh

    Looks like so much fun! All that seafood and ham. Makes me drool. Dave is looking a bit like a mountain man.

  2. yes, he was extremely hairy!! I hope he’s found a barber by now.

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