Musical Notes

Look out!! I’m making my public violin debut this Thursday at our church choir social. Two other members are much more accomplished on their instruments (violin and flute) having played longer than three months, and they asked me to join them in a trio. I’m so excited!! It’s very easy arrangements of Christmas carols. I just hope that I don’t get flustered and forget what I’m doing. I don’t have total muscle memory yet for all the finger positions and bow control. This is one of the reasons, though, that I wanted to learn to play the violin, I want to play ensemble pieces. So keep your fingers crossed that it goes well.

And speaking of going well (enough), last Sunday was my directorial debut for the youngest kids choir at church. I directed the next age group last year (grades 1-3) and I worked with the preschool-kindergarteners last year but we didn’t have enough kids show up consistently to perform at the church concert then. This year I had a good sized group and 5 showed up to sing on Sunday for the concert. Of course they were adorable; the big question was, though, would they be too terrified facing a church full of people to open their mouths and sing? No! They did well enough with the religious song (10 words, total!) that they got to sing an encore, Jingle Bells, with bells!
In fact, they did so good that I think I’ll try to find a song they can sing in a service next year some time.

Christmas time is a good time for music!


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